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After the successful launch of our new web based coaching resource last month we are keen to continue to build and develop our support to you. We have added animated and video practices that will provide an excellent resource for coaches and marks only the beginning of the development of your online coaching resource.

The animated drills we have added shows how you could shape a team in a 4-4-2 formation and follows the format of our Level 4 Youth Award. The animated drill will allow you to watch time and again the movements required and also watch in slow motion allowing you to really understand the concept. This new content can be found by going to the Game Knowledge folders in all the age groups above 12 years of age.
We have also added video content from our creative player resource which proved very valuable and popular previously. The creative player has some excellent practices and you will see how young players can cope with the tasks they are given and the practices can provide a challenge for all age groups. This new content can be found in all the age group Technical folders call Creative Player.
Sports Science has had a major impact on football training and preparation over the last 10 years. The structure of training and the methods used to develop performance have changed significantly, with perhaps the period of ‘pre-season’ training seeing some of the most significant changes.
A successful pre-season programme is one that incorporates all of the necessary components to enable players to maximize their performance at the start of the competitive season and importantly, provides a strong foundation for sustaining peak condition throughout the season.
In designing an effective pre-season programme coaches should aim to develop the key physiological systems that underpin performance in the game. These capacities have been shown to be most effectively developed through the use of football specific training practices and small sided games. The regular use of ball related fitness practices not only develops the specific muscles involved in football but also supports the improvement of technical and tactical skills.
This ‘Pre-season’ resource is designed to provide coaches with a range of appropriate exercise which can be used to develop an effective pre-season training programme. We have provided, as a guideline, 6 detailed sessions which can be used to structure a complete programme.
Alternatively coaches can devise their own programme by selecting from the exercise provided (the intensity of each activity is outlined) and combining them as required to achieve their own objectives. In addition we have provided information on football specific fitness testing which can be used to monitor and evaluate both player progress and programme effectiveness. This new resource can be found in all the Movement Skills and Physical Factors folders in all age groups above the age of 12 years.
We hope you enjoy this new content and find it valuable if it is appropriate to your players. We will continue to develop your resource so keep logging on.



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